I am currently attending University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) in Winston-Salem, NC and will graduate in May of 2024 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. I am willing to relocate for opportunities in many corners of the arts.
I am a proud first generation Cuban and Puerto Rican-American from South Florida. With this background I grew up immersed in the eccentric, unapologetic art and artistic expression that comes with being in a highly concentrated area of Hispanic people in my family and in the community around me.
I have been working in the theatre industry since I was 11 years old when I received my first opportunity as a props fabricator at a theatre summer camp at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This venue included a theatre space that housed Broadway tours and a smaller space which is where I primarily worked. Little ambitious me would make it a point to sneak through the large theatre each morning to see the scenery of these large touring productions on stage behind the glow of the ghostlight. I would dream of my work being there someday.
When it comes to set design for theatre, for me style often has little to do with the design. I try to make every set I design is independent from the others because it is informed by an entirely new theatre piece, collaboration with a different team, and inspiration that caters to the needs of that production and what it needs to best tell the story.
I love following new paths and new ways of doing theatre, themed experience design, and art that I’ve never done before in a quest for the best outcome that tells the story.
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